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Our CBS is a premium fat produced from fully refined, bleached, and deodorized palm kernel oil and its fractions. Both the hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated variants are available.

Product Description

Characteristics Our CBS does not require tempering and is suitable as total replacer of cocoa butter. It has neutral flavor with good mouth feel, oxidative stability, melting characteristics, gloss and gloss retention, as well as good shrinkage for easy mould release.   Applications Our CBS is tailored as excellent substitute of cocoa butter in compound chocolate for moulding, panning, and enrobing. It is also suitable for use in chocolate coating for biscuits, wafers, and chocolate coating bars.   Products  - Sania Ultra Choco 368 - Sania Ultra Choco - Fonta CK - Ultra Choco 1700 - Ultra Choco NH