Company Highlights


Our Vision

To become a World Class Company in the industry of vegetable oils and specialty use vegetable oils.


Our Mission

PT Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia Tbk. has missions, to produce high quality products and provide the best services to all customers; to improve employees’ competence and engagement in achieving its vision; to achieve profitable and sustainable business growth as well as to provide longterm values for shareholders and employees; to build trust and develop good relationships with agents, suppliers, communities and goverments.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Company is engaged in food industry such as vegetable oils, namely crude palm oil and its derivatives, illipe nuts, illipe oils and specialty vegetable oils; activities in general trading either domestic, exports - imports, and trading of agricultural products, forest products, trading daily need goods, trading as wholesaler, distributor, supplier, retailer and others.


Our Values

PT Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia Tbk. has Core Values which derived from:

1. Professionalism derived from Ownership.

2. Humility derived from Modesty.

3. Integrity derived from Honesty.

4. Labour derived from Team Synergy.

5. Leadership derived from Global Insight.