Non-Lauric Cocoa Butter Substitute (other may refer them as CBX or CBR) is a non tempering fat and it is partially miscible with cocoa butter. Cocoa liquor or high fat cocoa powder can be added to chocolate coating made from CBX, thus achieving a good cocoa flavoured products, yet no tempering process is required in the chocolate manufacturing process.

Non Lauric CBS is made from hydrogenation and fractionation of unsaturated oil, such as specially fractionated palm olein, rape seed oil, soybean oil and cotton seed oil. The fatty acid chain lengths and the molecular weights are similar to that of cocoa butter, but non lauric CBS does not contain symmetrical triglycerides as in cocoa butter. Hence it has only limited compatibility to cocoa butter (up to 20%).

It can be used as the centre or filling fats and suitable for chocolate, biscuits and wafer coating or enrobing. It is less suitable for moulded chocolate bars.

Please choose from some of our available favourite CBX range:
Brand Name Application Country Climate
SUKHOS 5 Centre filling Tropical / Sub tropical
SUKHOS 10 Centre filling Tropical / Sub tropical
SUKHOS W Centre filling, deep frying fat Tropical / Sub tropical
SUKHOS MFX Milk / butter fat replacer Sub tropical
SUKHOS ICF Replace soft milk fat for ice cream, biscuit filling Sub tropical
CEKA 430 Moulding / coating Tropical / Sub tropical
CEKA 320 Coating Sub tropical
CEKA 800 Coating Tropical
CEKA ICE Ice cream coating Tropical / Sub tropical