CBS is made from fractionated and hydrogenated vegetable oil. CBS, which is designed for moulding application, has the same or even better physical characteristic (melting profile and eating quality) as compared to cocoa butter.

It has limited compatibility with cocoa butter. Mixing CBS with cocoa butter will soften the chocolate. Therefore CBS is mostly used to substitute cocoa butter completely in the chocolate formulation. A typical formulation will consist of CBS, 10/12 cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and sugar, without any cocoa butter.

CBS produced by PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia, Tbk are available in a wide range of solid fat content profiles (SFC), hardness and melting points, which allow for many types of coating, moulding and filling applications.

Typical applications of FONTA CBS moulding and coating fats:

• Compound chocolate and pastel moulded bars and novelties.
• Compound chocolate and pastel coating chocolates.
• Center fats
• Vermicelli and coated centers.
• Candies.
• Ice cream coating

Please choose from some of our available favourite CBS range:
Brand Name Application Country Climate
FONTA MILD Coating Sub tropical
FONTA EXTRA Coating / moulding Sub tropical / tropical
FONTA COAT Coating Sub tropical
FONTA CK SPECIAL Moulding Sub tropical / tropical
FONTA CREAM Centre filling Sub tropical / tropical
FONTA 37 Coating / moulding Sub tropical
FONTA 41 Coating / moulding Tropical