Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE) is tempered fat, which is mixable with cocoa butter. CBE has been designed to be used by itself to replace cocoa butter, or to be mixed with cocoa butter in any proportions without causing any significant changes to the final quality of chocolate. It can even supersede the enhancement of chocolate quality made traditionally from natural cocoa butter.

PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia, Tbk produces their CBEs mainly from palm oil fraction, exotic wild fats, and Illipe fat where its tress grown only in Borneo island. Hence PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia, Tbk can select the fresh raw materials for their CBEs.

The main advantages of CBE over cocoa butter

Reducing the high cost of chocolate making, as CBE is cheaper than cocoa butter. Avoid the fluctuation of cocoa butter prices, as the price of CBE is more or less stable. Harder CBE can be use to improve the milk fat tolerance in chocolate formulation. The use of special formulated CBE can increase the heat resistance. It can be used as a cocoa butter improver to control fat bloom. Requiring less conching time. CBE is bland in taste; hence there is no need to remove the unwanted taste as in the case of natural cocoa butter.

Please choose from some of our available favourite CBE range:
Brand Name Application Country Climate
TOTALITE 100 Moulding Sub Tropical / tropical
TOTALITE 300 Coating / Moulding Sub Tropical
TOTALITE 400 Coating / Moulding Sub Tropical
TOTALITE 800 Coating Sub Tropical
TOTALITE CBI Cocoa Butter Improver Sub Tropical / tropical