PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia, Tbk (formerly PT. Cahaya Kalbar, Tbk) is producer of speciality oils and fats for the food confectionery industries, bakery, cakes ingredients, beverages and food wholesale / retail market for local and International markets. The company started commercial operations in 1971.

The company was public listed at Jakarta Stock Exchange under the trading code “CEKA”. We are a well known producer of various
ingredients for entire range of food products :

• for chocolate and cocoa confectionary industries, icing coating, confectionary filling.

We also produce and supply ingredients to the restaurant / hotel industry, cake and bakery

Raw material and Processing.
Raw materials are carefully selected to ensure quality standards are made. Our raw material and processing are “KOSHER” and “HALAL” certified.
Every steps of processing are carefully controlled and HACCAP system has been implemented.
Quality Control and Product Development.
We are equipped with modern quality control laboratory. Our trained analysts and chemists carefully monitor the quality of our products. We are also equipped with various pilot plants to develop new products. Our new and existing products are constantly tested at our application pilot plant.
Ongoing innovations and being the pioneer in the market.
Markets are becoming more dynamic than ever. Consumers demand better products every time, and the trends are changing rapidly. Over the years we have been recognised as the pioneer for many products range introduced in the market. The craving for innovations, existing product perfections, new product developments, and “to meet the customers changing demands” culture have been the massive drives for us to be the first in the market and remain competitive.